Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Sweet Valentine's Day Basket

Make a sweet little basket out of hearts just in time for Valentine's Day!

Start with a ball of clay the size of a medium orange. Pinch off a small amount of clay to make a ball the size of a large walnut, then press it into a circle pancake shape. Your circle will be about 2" across. Now turn the edges of the circle up just a little.

Roll the remaining clay out to a thickness of about 1/8". Use a small heart cookie cutter or cut around a heart shaped template to create some hearts.
Now you're ready to attach the hearts. The first row of hearts are placed upside down. Use slip as glue (slip is dried clay mixed with water to make a slurry).
The next two rows of hearts will be placed to fill in the "V" spaces. 

Attach the second rows of hearts inside the row of upside down hearts and begin to create a bowl. Flare the hearts out a tad so it's more the shape of a bowl. 

The third row of upright hearts can be attached on the outside of the the bowl, filling in the spaces between the hearts. 
What will you put in your Valentine's Day basket?

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