Saturday, February 18, 2012

It’s oogly for President -- Happy President’s Day!

This weekend some of us will have a three day weekend in order to celebrate Presidents’ Day – many schools are out and the kids are home. You might be wondering how to teach the kids about our nation’s presidents while also having a bit of fun.

Challenge your children to make an oogly for president. Quiz them on some facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Pull up some photos of the presidents and create an Honest Abe hat to put on your oogly. George Washington had some funny hair - or was it a head piece?  Give your oogly some presidential hair.

If everyone is home together for the long weekend, make it a family affair.  Each family member can make a ‘President oogly’ and then write a short election speech.  Sometimes, it’s fun to have each person add to the speech. 

If your kids aren’t up to writing, they can draw a picture of their oogly visiting a school or working in the Oval Office.

Most importantly have fun with oogly, enjoy the long weekend and remember that incorporating art into the daily education process of children is critical to their development as high-quality thinkers and visionaries.   

Your ‘oogly for President’ just might be living in the White House one day.

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