Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Family Fun Together with ooglys

For those of you who are playing with an oogly kit or oogly clay for the first time this week, we’ve got some fun ideas for how you can make a family event of creating ooglys together. Click on the links for the full post about each activity.
Our first Family Fun Series post gives you eight ideas of things to do together to make a game of making ooglys. You can make ooglys based on movies, books or some other pastime your family enjoys together. You can figure out the best ways for ooglys to fly. You can even have the whole family work on an oogly together. Check out all the ideas here.
Ooglys are also a great way to start a conversation. Your family can make ooglys together and then tell a story about each oogly or you write poems or short stories about your oogly’s adventures. Check out this post for more ideas about getting the dialogue going with ooglys.

And let us know what fun things you've done with your family when you make ooglys together.

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