Monday, June 13, 2011

Family Fun Part 2 – Storytelling

With another Monday of summer break, we know you are looking for ideas for your kids. So today we’re posting the second blog in our Family Fun Series.

Last week, we gave you eight ideas for how your family could play together with the Oogly Kit. The ideas focused on the different “types” of ooglys you could make or themes you could explore with clay.
Star Wars is a theme everyone can have fun exploring.
This week, we’re introducing another dimension to making ooglys. If you’ve ever had one of your kids make an oogly, you know they always have a story that goes with their oogly. Your family can capitalize on that for lots of fun together.

First, you could have everyone make an oogly and then write a short story or poem. Sometimes, it’s fun to have each person add something to a story about one oogly.
If your kids aren’t up for writing, they can draw a picture of their oogly at their favorite place or with a friend. It can be as simple as telling a story together about the adventures of an oogly.

If nothing else tickles your funny bone – try a limerick:
Sara is worthy of a limerick or two...
There once was an oogly named Sara,
Who really wished she had some hair-a.
So we got out the clay,
And we made curls all day.
Now there’s no oogly more fair-a.

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