Friday, June 3, 2011

Family Fun Part 1 - 8 Great Oogly Activities

Summer's finally here and everyone is looking for fun ways to spend time with their kids. There will be family picnics, family road trips and late evenings on the porch to enjoy. This week, we’re starting the Family Fun series with ideas for how you can make ooglys a part of enjoying your family time together.

Today we give you "8 Great Oogly Activities." Remember, these don't need to be competitive (unless that's what you enjoy) and there’s no “right way” to make an oogly. These ideas are meant to spark your imagination and add variety. 

1.  Since summer is a great time for baseball, tennis, swimming and more, try making ooglys playing a sport.

2.  Choose a theme like Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter or Star Wars and have everyone make an oogly character based on the theme.
Recognize this oogly? May the force be with you...
3.  Focus on a feature (found this idea at journey into unschooling) – Choose one feature to exaggerate on the ooglys you make – eyes, ears, hair, nose, whatever makes you laugh!

4.  Have everyone create an oogly that can fly – add wings, a jet pack – even a propeller might do it.
Wings on a oogly
5.  Talk about your favorite places to take a vacation and make ooglys based on the location.

6.  If your kids are reading for school or in a library program, have them make ooglys based on their favorite book.

7.  Ooglys can easily be made into animals so pick an animal – dog, fish, bird – and see what you can make. 
"Oogly" animal
 8. Make a “progressive” oogly where one person starts the oogly and then passes it to another person to add arms, eyes, hair, etc. You’ll end up with some amazingly creative ooglys when you work together.

The Oogly Kit is an easy way to do these activities but any clay will work! Let us know if you have a fun way to play with your family and the oogly kit or clay. We’d love to hear from you.

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