Monday, June 6, 2011

Something Simple for Monday

After a particularly hectic, crazy weekend, I was looking for something simple and calm for Monday morning. Thanks to the “share” from Crafty Crow, one of my favorite sources for creative projects, I found this beautifully peaceful handmade toy posted at kedublock that highlights how wonderful reuse in art can be. In this case, paint chips are made into parts of a color stacking toy.
Photo from kedublock.blogspot - May 2011
It's not just the project I love, though, it's the design and simplicity of kedublock. In particular, I love that the process of assembling the piece is shown in four simple steps without any written instruction. What a gift be able to illustrate with such brevity and clarity.

Check out the full blog. I hope you find it to be the moment of mental clarity you need for Monday morning like I did.

Enjoy your week!

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