Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recap from the Summer Art Show

It was a fabulous weekend at my Summer Art Show and the Oogly Kit was part of the fun. 
Kids enjoyed seeing other children's artwork.
The show took place in my garden in Kansas City. I live in an older neighborhood with lots of big trees, good soil and dappled sun (read: lots of shade)…It’s the perfect place to show off artwork and get inspiration and we did both things this weekend.
Pillows by Jenny Allen and pottery by Myrna
It’s so much fun to have lots of artists participate in the Summer Show. Most of my artwork is designed to be in the garden and many of my artistic friends are inspired by their own gardens. So – putting our artwork out with the flowers adds another dimension to the creativity.
Claudia True's painting added to the natural colors of the garden.
Plus – the garden is a great place for people to experience the arts. Monet’s water lily ponds at Giverny are the most striking example of how much nature can influence our imaginations. Maybe the garden gives our minds a little more space to wander.
The pond at Myrna's is inspirational too - especially surrounded by art.
The kids who came to my garden this weekend were inspired by the art and by the garden. They painted, made ooglys and picked out their favorite pieces. Their parents and the other visitors checked out the art, wandered through the yard and visited with friends (and made new ones).
There's no shame in gilding the lily.
We had a wonderful time seeing everyone – catching up on accomplishments and plans. Plus – it was fun to share what’s been going on the studio. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.
It was a pleasure to have our friends with us in the garden.

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