Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What You Can Add to the Oogly Kit

Last Wednesday we posted the last of our five part series “What’s in an Oogly Kit?” with more information about the clay in the Oogly Kit. You can check out all the blogs under the Label “What’s in an Oogly Kit.”

This week, we thought we would share some “add-ons” to the oogly kit that you probably have around the house. Just a few simple household items can add color and fun to any oogly. For example, we sometimes use colorful buttons to embellish ooglys. Buttons can be eyes, ears or decorative “spots” on an oogly.
Try out all sizes of buttons for your ooglys.
Feathers can be added to create a headdress or to adorn a hat. They can also be used as wings or added to clay wings for more texture. They can even be pressed into the clay for interesting texture and then removed.
Feather can be fun!

Another great way to make texture on ooglys is by using shells as stamps in the clay. Shells may a variety of lines and imprints depending on their size and variety. We like to experiment with new shells we find when we go to the beach. Shells can also be used for interesting additions in an oogly’s hair or at the tip of a tail.
You can use all those shells you can't help but pick up at the beach.
Finally, marbles or flat glass beads can add color and maybe a little sparkle to ooglys. With non-hardening clay, the marbles adhere easily to the surface when pressure is applied. Marbles can make big buggy eyes or a nose. Flat glass beads we call “dragon tears” can make enormous eyes on a small oogly or funny, flat feet or shoes.
Add more fun and color with marbles and glass beads.
Whatever you usually use for craft activities – pipe cleaners, toothpicks, ric rac and other ribbons - are great fun to try too. Let us know what you like to add to your ooglys. We’d love to hear your ideas!

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