Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fun with oogly at Paxton Elementary

One of the best things about making ooglys is that each one is as different as the person who made it. No two ooglys are alike. The process of making an oogly is all about being creative with clay. Just like the 5th graders at Paxton Elementary last week.
This oogly went long – long hair, long limbs and even long eyes.
And this oogly didn’t get any arms but man, oh man, has he got the teeth going on in that enormous mouth of his.
This oogly’s mouth is a little smaller but the teeth take it to another level. I dare say, you could call those pointy daggers fangs. Of course, her eyelashes are pretty pointy too so maybe she’s just feeling sharp.
Then we had a few that only needed one eye to get a good view of things.
This oogly looks like he may have seen too much – even with just a single eye.
Of course – it could be that he just caught a peek at this oogly.
What a tail! I bet there’s a story behind that one.

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