Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Poem About Creativity and Clay

Even though most of this blog is focused on kids, I thought you would enjoy hearing about the experience of one of my adult students who has been creating a Fairy House like the ones featured in this project in Rhythm of the Home. Kathy and I met at Turning Point where she participated in an oogly workshop. This is her poem about exploring clay in the studio with me.
Kathy at the oogly workshop at Turning Point
 Magic At Myrna’s

At Myrna’s, the magic takes place
   In the basement
10 feet under the ground

Large grins, hairy chins, bulbous noses
   In rows on shelves
That line the walls

Inspiration, fun mystery – what’s that
   In the back of that shelf?
My eyes must take a peak.

My mind is a twirl, gazing first
   Here then there.
Trolls, witches, monsters a plenty all stare.

After a session at Myrna’s with clay, water and air
   In my naptime dreams, creatures appear
They mount an uprising as they storm the stairs.

Yes, there’s magic at Myrna’s, stirred to life
   By a red-haired pixy inviting play and creation.
The dungeon mistress of FUN.

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