Monday, November 7, 2011

Adults Play with Clay

The oogly blog focuses on kids because that’s who I spend most of my time with in schools, after school and most days in between. But I’ve had a number of adult students lately who have been making wonderful pieces and having a lot of fun doing it.
My friend Jane has been building bigger and bigger pieces. In fact, this one is big enough that it’s going to require it’s own firing. Jane only recently discovered how much she enjoys clay.
Her daughter, who is a big fan of clay and ooglys herself, got Jane to my studio where she found she was just as drawn to creating with clay as her daughter.
Another friend, Scott, has been translating his interest in sculpture into busts he’s building and carving from stoneware. He uses fine tools and works meticulously to reveal the faces in the clay.
It just goes to show there’s always time to take up a new hobby or make time for something creative in your life. I feel blessed that  I get the luxury of being an artist everyday but you can be inspired in just a few hours a week. When’s the last time you explored your creative side?

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