Thursday, October 20, 2011

oogly Ducklings at Rising Star Elementary School

175 kindergarteners making oogly ducklings can be quite an event! Last week, I spent two highly-entertaining days leading the young art students at Rising Start Elementary School through a couple of projects that worked really well for five and six-year olds.
With the help of their art teacher, Christina Dudley, and some brave volunteers, we started by having the students make an oogly duckling and a little pond for it to swim in.
This is the perfect project for children this age, because each piece is short and they can stay focused and finish their duckling. And boy did they make ducklings!
It also means we have time to make more than one thing. We decided the pumpkin project I posted two weeks ago would be fun since Halloween is coming up
Not only do kids enjoy making their own face and scary features, it’s great preparation for Jack-o-Lantern carving at home.
Thanks to the PTA President and the Cultural Arts Chair for helping us get through eight sections of students – what a big bunch of clay-filled fun!

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