Monday, October 24, 2011

Big Hairy Spider Made from Clay

Big hairy spiders usually scare the bejeezus out of me. This one just makes me laugh. Your kids will enjoy this twist on a fun Halloween clay project.

Clay (stoneware, terracotta or a non-hardening modeling clay will work)
*Slip (slurry made from old, dry clay and water to use a paste with stoneware or terracotta)
Garlic press or strainer for making hair
Two marbles

1. Make an oval-shaped pinch pot from a ball of clay the size of an orange.  Turn it upside-down so the opening is face-down.

2. Roll out eight 3-inch long coils 3 inches long.  Attach them to the body – four on each side.*

3. If you’re like me, you know the scariest spiders are the big hairy ones. But – sometimes, you can make a hair spider that’s actually pretty darn funny. Use the garlic press to make hair to cover the body.

4. Make a fun mouth or big fangs for your spider and use marbles to press eyes above your spider’s mouth. You can glue the marble “eyes” onto your spider after you fire it.

*If you are working with stoneware or terracotta, you will need to use the slip as glue to attach the clay legs to your spider. Using the pencil, make scratch marks on both surfaces you will be joining. Apply the slip to the piece of clay you are adding and press the piece into place.

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