Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Fun with Witches

Halloween brings out the kid in me and gets my creative juices flowing. My favorite characters to make this time of year are witches because they’ve got so much attitude. At least the ones I know do! What do you think?
Wise Old Witch by Myrna Minnis
I like to think that witches are full of sass and vinegar and they love to keep things edgy. The older the witch, the wiser she is and she’s learned a trick or two in her time. She’s got a lot up her sleeve and under her hat.
Wispy White Witch by Myrna Minnis
And some witches are a little more subtle but just as crafty. A white witch with fancy, feathery plumage knows how to keep things lively.
Sassy Witch by Myrna Minnis
If you want to add a little “witchiness” to your Halloween, check out our Witchy Hat blog. It’s an easy project for kids and you can add as much character to the hat as you can imagine. 

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