Monday, May 9, 2011

An oogly can be whatever you like!

Up until now, you may be thinking that all ooglys are little guys or gals with big mouths and funny hair. I thought I’d show you some ooglys from the kids and adults I met last week for a look at some other uncommonly clever ooglys.

You can see that some ooglys end up with four legs instead of two arms and two legs.
Four legs and a curly tail make this oogly special
Some ooglys end up with flippers, 
Flippers and a tail fin for this oogly

Another variation with claws and a long, long, long tail
And tails.

Horns and a tail make this oogly a stand-out
The good news is – they are all great ooglys. Since no one knows what an oogly is, you can make it to be whatever you like. I hope you make this week whatever you want it to be too!

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