Friday, May 6, 2011

Encouraging our kids to be creative

As you head into the weekend, I’m going to suggest a quick read of a blog written by Amanda Morgan about why our kids need creativity in their days and opportunity to explore creativity without structure and rules. Amanda writes the blog, Not Just Cute, a child development blog that I find extremely insightful and this blog is one of a series she is writing for Willow Creek Pediatrics about the importance of helping kids develop their creativity.

This blog hit a chord with me because I truly believe we are not giving our kids enough down time to explore the arts without structured activities. We need to let kids play, discover and invent on their own without telling them how, when or what.
Art helps kids express emotion - don't you agree?
 I try to do that when I work through the oogly process with kids. I try to share the joy I experience just playing in the clay and seeing where it goes. It’s hard sometimes not to correct or try to guide kids but I try. I want to give them just enough to get rolling and then the joy and fun comes as I watch them head off in whatever direction the clay takes them. I see them problem solve as they try to make their oogly into the oogly they envision. I’ve learned plenty from the students in my classes about how to build with clay just by letting them experiment.
Working with kids in the classroom at their school
I’ll be keeping an eye out on the rest of Amanda’s series she is writing for Willow Creek Pediatrics. I hope you find this blog as compelling as I did. And maybe it will help you find some time for you or your kids to “do nothing” and get the creative juices flowing this weekend.

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