Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh Those Crazy Hats!

Although I’m not a royal watcher, I have to admit I snuck a peek at the wedding celebrations last week between Prince William and Kate Middleton. After watching the event and then attending a fabulous Royal-themed luncheon with dear friends of mine, I couldn’t help but think how fine an oogly could look all dressed up with the perfect topper.
A doily makes the base of a fancy hat
 So, I set out to explore the variations of fanciful hats and plumage you can create with clay, doilies, pipecleaners and other things I had accumulated in my studio.
Pipe cleaners are easy to twist into hats
Of course, I also had to pay homeage to my roots and get a little western flair going on. Probably wouldn't have gone over too well with the royal paparazzi.
A little western slant with feathers for this oogly
Speaking of paparazzi - they did a fine job of the fashion coverage with lots of photos of the hats from every angle. My favorite was the elegant, asian-infuenced hat worn by Lady Frederick Windsor.

Did you have one? What kind of hat would your oogly wear?

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