Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tall Painting for Kids

Yesterday, we shared a link on Facebook to a video called Tall Painting that featured Holton Rower’s process for painting by pouring acrylic paints over tall pedestals and letting the “drip” create stunning visual effects.

Check it out here if you missed the post yesterday.

One of my favorite bloggers, Teacher Tom, took on the challenge to adapt this project for preschoolers. He shares the insight he gained from planning, setting up and finishing the projects with the kids in his classroom. This is an idea that could definitely be translated for kids of all ages. In fact – I’d love to try it myself!

Click here to see Teacher Tom's Tall Painting for Kids.

In particular, I like Teacher Tom’s comment about kids and the creative process, “…the only difference between an artist and a child is that an artist sees beauty and stops, while kids see beauty and keep right on going."

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