Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creativity Series #4 from Not Just Cute

Amanda Morgan who writes an early child development blog called Not Just Cute posted another great commentary about the importance of letting our kids play this week. We've been following her blog series at Willow Creek Pediatrics and are thrilled to see a kindred spirit espousing the need to let our kids be creative and explore unstructured activities.
Experimenting on oogly variations
I have watched students in my classes explore clay and what they can build. I love taking them through the oogly process but I also enjoy watching them go ahead and strike out on their own paths as they get comfortable with the medium and how to build and sculpt with clay.
It's great to see the variety of creations a group of student can dream up!
Kids never fail to amuse and amaze me with the inventions, constructions and interactions they create in clay. They make new creatures and machines and can describe in vivid detail what they have made and how they work. I watch that creativity blossom and know that these students have so much potential to discover things we don't even dare to dream of.
Letting the kids work on their own brings the creativity to the forefront.
Check out Amanda's post and let me know what you think. How do you make sure your kids have time to be kids and play?

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