Thursday, April 21, 2011

Straight from the source

So what makes me think the oogly kit is so great? Kids!

I have a student who has been coming to play in the clay with me after school. She says she really likes to come create art after her Science class because it helps her relax. Yesterday, when she realized it was the last of her four classes, she asked me about getting an Oogly Kit. She wanted to know if it would tide her over until she comes back for a summer session.

She didn’t know much about the kit so I told her about it. The clay doesn’t get fired. It won’t dry out so you can leave it out and use it whenever you get home from school to make an oogly and relax. She’s been having so much fun making ooglys and other things with clay, she decided this was a must-have.

I know she’ll be able to work with it herself because she’s been great in her classes with me. I give her a foundation to start with and she takes it forward. She asks for advice but it’s not about me helping her, it’s about her thinking through her ideas. She’s just so enthusiastic – it’s a joy to watch her experiment.

Too bad for me, yesterday was her last session until summer. Lucky for her, she’s got an Oogly Kit to keep the creativity going until then.

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