Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oogly Game - Expressions

Last week I explained how you can have your kids make ooglys that express their feelings.
I had a great day!
If you have lots of kids to entertain, why not make a game of if? You can print up a set of expressions on slips of paper and let each child draw a slip. From that, they have to create the oogly for everyone else to guess.
I'm not a happy camper!
How do you win? You decide...

Am I a winner? Of course!
It could be the “best expression” or the one the most people recognize or the one everyone recognizes most quickly. Use your imagination to help the group explore their imagination.
Of course, since there’s no right way to make an oogly, I wouldn’t spend too much time judging the end product. It’s all about the process of taking an idea and running with it using clay.
Overwhelmed oogly?
Let me know if you try this activity or have a similar activity or game you play with your kids and the Oogly Kit. I love it when you share!

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