Friday, April 22, 2011

For Friday - Smoosh It!

Oogly can be a great way to relieve stress – for you or your kids. One of my favorite ways to “get over” something that’s bugging me is to make an oogly that expresses what’s on my last nerve – and then “smoosh” it. 
Uh, oh...
 You read that right, “smoosh it.”

Art can be a great way to get rid of negative energy. You feel like banging your head against a wall over something or someone. Why not use the oogly clay to create a symbol of that and then put it – and yourself – out of its misery?
Sometimes it's better to smoosh than be smooshed
 Maybe it’s the laundry pile – bury an oogly under a pile of laundry and then “smoosh” the whole thing.

Maybe it’s something that happened at recess that upset your child and the emotions are still lingering. Have her create an oogly of how she felt and smoosh it.

Smoosh it however you want!
My favorite way to “smoosh” any oogly emotion or annoyance is a big rubber mallet. It’s so satisfying and definitive. But you can stomp on it too!

And the best part is that when the smooshing is done, you can move on to making something more productive and satisfying if you want. 
Feeling much better now...

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