Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Help oogly Ring in Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring! The posh name for Spring Equinox is Vernal Equinox which means day and night have approximately the same length. As daylight hours increase and warmer temperatures arrive, the changing weather can lift the spirits of young – and old – alike. Don’t miss this opportunity to have some fun and educate at the same time.

What’s the weather like where you are today? Help oogly dress for the weather. Is it raining? Maybe your oogly needs a raincoat or an umbrella? If it’s real sunny, how about some sunglasses or a hat? Kids are fascinated by the vast and interesting subject of weather – just watch a child when a thunderstorm begins or when the sun pokes out during a storm and kids run outside to see the rainbow in the sky.

If spring ushers in some hard rain, make a rain gauge and teach the kids about measurements and precipitation.Take an empty plastic or glass container and, using a permanent marker, mark up the side in quarter or half-inch graduations. Place your rain gauge in an area that is open and unsheltered. Check your gauge each day and record how much rain you collected. You can also keep a log and average the amount of rain you collect over a specified period.

We’d love to see photos of your oogly celebrating the first day of Spring --  please share the sunshine or the rain!

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