Friday, March 9, 2012

Create an oogly self portrait

One of the best things about oogly is it gives children an opportunity to express their feelings that they can’t – or don’t want to – put into words. Children easily grasp the idea that their oogly can represent their positive thoughts, and also challenges they’re facing.   

 Ask your child to make an oogly self-portrait. If they’re struggling for ideas, ask them the following questions:
  • What shape is your face?
  • How long is your hair?
  • What shape are your eyes? Are they big? Small? Close together?
  • What makes you different from other kids?
  • Do you have all your teeth? 
  • Are you smiling today?
  • Do you have freckles?
Here's a crabby oogly self-portrait representing a very crabby kid!
Resist the urge to “correct” your child. Instead, ask them questions about what they’ve created. 

Example: “I see oogly has three eyes and sharp teeth today. Tell me about that.”

We found this great blog with lots of ideas for creating self-portraits in mediums other than clay. 

A child’s self-portrait is a special snapshot – one that shows how they see themselves. You can learn a lot about your child through this fun project!

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