Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How easy is making an oogly?

I smiled when I read this article about How You Can Encourage Your Child To be Creative Even When YOU Are Not by Kelly Russell from Wisdom Begun posted as a guest blog at Not Just Cute. It has some great suggestions about how to encourage creativity in your kids’ lives when you aren’t particularly creative. It also had great reminders of how to spark imagination when you aren’t really in the mood for arts, crafts or anything remotely right-brained.
Are you sometimes at a loss when it comes to art projects for kids?
Well – I would add another suggestion to the list – have your kids make an oogly!

This weekend, a dear friend of mine got deserted by her “artistic” friend who had promised to play with her kids and help them with a clay project or two…But as luck would have it, oogly kits were close at hand as well as the video of how to make an oogly.

The boys are five and seven and neither had ever made an oogly. As luck and creativity would have it though, with a little instruction and a lot of imagination they were able to entertain themselves. Ooglys are that easy to make! This is the oogly that the five-year-old made with a kit and two viewings of the oogly video. Parental intervention and creativity need not attend.
Known as "Googly" to all his friends.
Of course, we highly recommend that adults make ooglys and it’s a great family activity. But on those days when you’re just not up for the challenge or your creativity is overwhelmed by the daily routine you might want to make sure your kids have everything they need to make an oogly. They’ll be entertained and you will too.

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