Monday, August 22, 2011

Colorful Caterpillars Made of Clay

Kids in our clay classes have enjoyed making all sorts of bugs this summer. Here’s one last easy clay project with our creepy, crawly friends in mind. Make a multi-colored caterpillar to go with the butterfly project we shared earlier this summer.

Three colors of clay (stoneware, terracotta or a non-hardening modeling clay will work)
Two one-inch pieces of wire

1. Choose one color to be your body of the caterpillar. Pinch off clay about the size of a ping pong ball and roll into a carrot, seven inches long and a little less than an inch thick. 
2. Squash the larger end a little to form a head.
3. Using each of the other clays, pinch off three marble-sized pieces of clay and roll them into inch-long coils and flatten each one.
3. Attach one flattened coil at a time, wrapping it around the body of your caterpillar. Each small coil will only wrap about halfway around the body. Blend the clay so it adheres well to the base.
4. Continue with remaining coils, alternating colors as you go. Be sure to overlap the coils just enough to cover the area where you blended the previous coil into the body of your caterpillar.
5. Finish by adding the last coil using the color that is the same as the body of your caterpillar.
5. Add two eyes using small balls of whichever color clay you prefer.
6. Make holes so you can add wire for antennae after your caterpillar is fired.

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