Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun ooglys from Summer Classes

It's been a busy summer of making ooglys with kids and I thought you'd enjoy seeing a few of their creations. I shared a batch yesterday and today, I have a few more ooglys that caught my eye. As you can see, when it comes to kids and clay, imagination rules the day!
This oogly reminds me of something you would find floating in the tides. He's got a mouthful...
This oogly may not have much of a mouth but the ears sure stand out, don't they?
For this oogly, eyes and antennae help find the way. We just hope all that hair doesn't get caught in the wind.
This oogly has plenty of eyes too, and plenty of teeth just in case.
And this oogly reminds me of the joy I see on the faces of kids when they finish an oogly and see what they can create with a little clay and a lot of imagination.

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