Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rainbow Photo Collage

As promised in my Tuesday post of Photography Projects for Kids, here’s my rainbow photo collage. Most of the pictures were taken in my neighborhood and in my garden. I used a few old photos from my travels to fill in gaps.
I found that it’s important to focus the camera on the color so colors flow together in the collage. I used Picasa to assemble the collage. It was easy and Picasa is free to download onto your computer.

I found it easiest to put all the photos I wanted to use in one folder. Choose that folder in Picasa and select “Collage” from the “Create” menu. There are a variety of different types of collage. I did a grid format so I could arrange the colors. The great part is that Picasa will do you the favor of figuring out the size and rows for your perfect collage.

Then, you can drag and drop the photos into a pattern. In this case, I did a rainbow since the activity was finding and photographing colors. Have you tried any other photo-editing programs? This could easily be done with a color printer and assembled on paper but the digital version saves toner ink and a mess!

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