Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's in an Oogly Kit- Part 3 - the Oogly Stick

To some, this part of the Oogly Kit might look like a pencil. We’re always adding a little imagination and ingenuity so we know that the Oogly Stick is so much more!
The oogly stick is so much more than you might think...
Of course, the Oogly Stick is a real eye-opener. You use it to make space for eyes and to add dimension to the eyes. By using the Oogly Stick to make a hole in the eye and adding another clay ball with a hole, you suddenly have pupils that can be cross-eyed, squinty or downright evil.
Making eyes is easy with an Oogly Stick.
The Oogly Stick is also great for adding fingers, toes and even finger nails. Where ever a line can make something, the Oogly Stick can help. 
Eyes, fingers, toes - all using an Oogly Stick.
Adding texture is another way to use the Oogly Stick. One student used it to make the wings of her oogly more decorative. Another used it to make scaly divots across the body of his oogly.
This oogly had texture added to its wings and teeth using the oogly stick.
Besides adding texture, the Oogly Stick can be used to smooth things out if your oogly has wrinkles or bumps you don’t want. In the right hands, it was be just like a rolling pin.

In short, the Oogly Stick is a perfect tool to help create your vision in clay. Give it a try!

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