Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oogly teams up with Turning Point

Creativity can be great medicine and making an oogly is a wonderful process for getting the creative juices flowing. That’s one reason we are so excited to be partnering with Turning Point - The Center for Hope and Healing to share Oogly with their community.
Founded in 2001 by Moira Mulhern, PhD and Liz Paugoulatos, NCTMB, Turning Point is a non-profit center in Kansas City that provides holistic programming to support individuals, families and friends dealing with serious or chronic physical illness. The team at Turning Point helps supplement the care received from traditional medical practitioners like doctors and hospitals by focusing on nutrition, exercise, stress management and other wellness strategies to help manage illnesses.

One part of Turning Point’s focus is helping adults explore creativity. For many, they are rediscovering a side of themselves they haven’t been in touch with since they were kids.  Finding a renewed balance between the left and right brain and discovering methods for emotional expression can be beneficial in managing illness and the stress that comes with it. 
Adults can be just as creative as kids when they make ooglys!
Turning Point's art therapy programs include painting, creative writing and other activities like jewelry making and of course – playing with clay! On June 1st and 8th, adults will get to try their hand at making ooglys and letting their imaginations go free. For more information on the program and times, check out their community calendar here.

In addition to adult programming, Turning Point provides services for children dealing with illness themselves or in their family. Turning Point offers support via Therapeutic and Medical Play and a children’s program called “Kin-couragement.” On the second Wednesday of each month, Turning Point has special activities in Expressive Art Therapy and Pet Therapy that vary throughout the year.  In August, kids in the Kin-couragement program will get a chance to make ooglys too. 
Ooglys are great therapy for adults and kids in many situations.
Believe it or not, all these services are offered for free. In addition, Turning Point’s Director of Adult Programs, Cathy Pendleton, provides free individual consultations to people interested in learning more about the resources the center has to offer. Cathy says she works closely with people to get them the best programs for wherever they are in the process of managing their illness.

Whether that’s making an oogly, taking a yoga class or learning more about legal or financial considerations – Turning Point has plenty to offer. We’re looking forward to contributing even more creativity to their community.

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