Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's in an Oogly Kit? Part 1 - The Clay

By now, I’m hoping you have a sense of what an oogly is. But you may still be wondering what an oogly kit is. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing a series that outlines the various items in an oogly kit and what makes each item specially designed for encouraging kids to play and be creative.
The oogly kit and all its contents - but you have to make your own oogly
Today we’ll look at one aspect of the clay we’ve put into the oogly kit. Our favorite feature of the clay we use for oogly kits is that it’s non-hardening. 

What does non-hardening mean? First it means that you don’t have to worry about firing the clay. In fact, you wouldn’t want to fire this clay because it wouldn’t hold up to the heat.
We made this oogly out of our special clay one day...
The second great feature about the non-hardening clay is that you can use it over and over because it never dries out. If you want to keep an oogly around, you can. It will hold its form as long as you don’t smoosh it, drop it or stomp on it.
...and then we made this oogly a week later - same clay!
But if you decide you want to do any of the above or you’re just ready to try again, you can roll your oogly into a fresh ball of clay and start again. You can create an oogly for the way you feel today, or the way you want to feel tomorrow. 

No worries about how to keep this clay fresh
One other advantage to this clay is that unlike some other types of clay, you don’t have to store it any particular way to keep it soft and easy to use. You can leave it out on a coffee table to encourage playtime anytime or you can put it in the oogly kit box where it can be easily stored.

We’ve played with lots of clay and lots of kids and we’re convinced, the clay we put in our oogly kits will be just right for your kids and you to enjoy the process of making ooglys over and over again. The only limit – your imagination!

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