Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oogly Heads

I mentioned last week that I love rocks along with dirt and everything that seems to be associated with my passion for clay. So you might not be surprised to know that sometimes when I make an oogly, I’m inspired by my garden. And this set of ooglys I made have a perfect home in my garden.

Oogly heads in my garden
You can see that they are the basic oogly but as always, it’s okay to change it up with oogly. So that’s just what I did. Why does an oogly need arms and legs if they would just be buried in the soil under the plants. With these ooglys, I just made the head/body and let them settle into their surroundings.

Ooglys like to hide in the greenery and blend in with the rocks.
The next time your kids want to try a different kind of oogly – ask them what they can leave off and how it makes a difference. It’s all about the possibilities.

A pile of ooglys!

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