Monday, April 11, 2011

Making Faces

I said I’d be giving you ideas on activities for your kids to do with their Oogly Kits and other ways to keep them busy playing with clay. Here’s an idea based in my original concept of the Oogly Kit as a tool for expressing emotions. 
Maybe this oogly's joking around
Kids have to deal with lots of emotions – the exuberant happiness of playing with their favorite pet or the frustrating disappointment of not getting the grade they wanted on a school project. Sometimes, those emotions can be hard for kids to process, much less express to you. I have always found that the process of making an oogly can open kids up to talk about what’s on their minds. 
This oogly is having a rough day
They start by showing how they feel with the clay and then, they might even tell you why. Why their oogly is grinning from ear to ear or why their oogly is wearing its baseball cap over its eyes. And that can lead to your child talking about their emotions with you or a friend. The story of their oogly can open up a conversation.
That’s all the psychology though – what’s so fun about that?
Smiling from ear to ear
It’s fun when you make a game of making oogly “feel” a certain way. Your kids can be entertained for an afternoon creating and recreating the different faces of oogly. What does an oogly look like if its happy, scared, in love, hungry or just plain bored? Ooglys are nothing if not expressive and exploring how to create those emotions with clay is a great way to pass the time.
A big yawn from a sleepy oogly
So get going on showing emotions – you can even share your favorite expressions with us on our Facebook page.

Express yourself!

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