Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Started

All my friends, family and plenty of kids have been telling me I needed to get on Facebook and start a blog. So here I go!
I’m excited to join the community of people who share with their friends via blogs. I have so much I hope you find interesting.
Here’s what I’m thinking I’m going to do with my blog. I know that a lot of parents I talk to these days are looking for alternative fun for their kids that doesn’t involve computer games, the internet or the television. I also know that kids full of creativity and imagination that just needs a little direction or an outlet. I’ve watched it for years at the schools I visit and the classes I have at my house.
In fact, that’s why I created the oogly Kit in the first place. I wanted kids to play with clay at home like they play with clay when they are with me. I’m not the magic ingredient – although I’d love to think I am – it’s the kids or anyone with creativity. Anyone who takes the time to spend a few minutes creating a little creature called an oogly.
If you don’t know what an oogly is, just know that you could make one too. No one knows exactly what an oogly is – there are millions of variations depending on you, the clay and the mood you’re in. Oogly is just like us – different moods on different days, different expressions and different hobbies. You start with the basics and let your imagination take the reins.
I’m going to be adding things to my site to show you how to make an oogly and to share ideas from teachers, parents and kids who enjoy oogly. I also plan to share other great resources I find for parents who want to help their kids develop their creativity and exercise their right brain.
I also know that parents need time to relax and it’s great to help you find games, toys and activities your kids can manage alone or with friends without much supervision. I hear about those types of resources from parents all the time and I’m going to use this blog to share those ideas with you.
Whether you want oogly to be a toy for your children or a toy for the whole family enjoy, we’ll support your efforts to add fun to your home, vacation or party. Please follow my blog if you think you would enjoy our fun together.
Cheers! Myrna

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