Friday, June 15, 2012

How well do you know your oogly?

Myrna Minnis has been teaching children the art of her magical clay creature known affectionately as “oogly” for over twenty years. In Myrna’s workshops, children learn to create a basic oogly, then Myrna gives them free reign to embellish and customize to their heart’s content. Under her tutelage, literally thousands of ooglys have been created, each unique to its young artist.

Early on, Myrna saw just what a powerful communication tool the oogly can be. The curious, undefined creature, created in the tactile medium of clay, gave children a new voice to use. With oogly, children could create art which expressed their ideas and feelings that they could not put into words.

oogly' therapeutic benefits are immediately apparent when a child makes their first creation. Kids of all ages love it. Special needs children, such as those with autism, become more expressive. A frustrated child can pound and work with the clay, experiencing a calming effect that gives way to creating an oogly sculpture. Shy children unleash, becoming expressive and uninhibited.

Myrna wanted children to take this magic home, so she began selling oogly kits with a unique non-drying clay and tools that help kids create oogly’s distinctive features. But oogly is much more than just a clay kit – oogly is a valuable concept. She needed to find a way to communicate this concept to the new oogly owners.

So Myrna went to work on a vibrant, idea-filled booklet to help unlock the imaginations of children so they can experience the oogly to its fullest potential at home. oogly emerges as a friend, a playmate, and a confidant. oogly is full of ideas, ready for adventure, and can be whatever the child wants oogly to be.

After reading the oogly booklet, parents and children alike understand how to tap in to oogly’s magic. The booklet was designed with a broad age range in mind. Children of any age will be creatively inspired. Younger children will ask to read the booklet again and again.

Parents will love the oogly art their kids create, and they’ll be amazed at what they can learn about their own children through oogly.

(If you already have an oogly kit and would like to find out how to get your own copy of the new oogly booklet, email Myrna at

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