Thursday, March 29, 2012

oogly fun with March Madness!

The Final Four Marches In!  Who does oogly pick to win?

This weekend four different basketball teams’ mascots will have the opportunity to bring home a win – who will it be?   A cardinal, jayhawk, buckeye or wildcat?  Who does your oogly represent?  Maybe you are a diehard basketball fan and have overloaded your brain with bracket picks and endless watching of games or maybe you have opted for anything but another game involving an orange ball.  

Whatever strategy you have for your 2012 NCAA Tournament, just remember March Madness is all about having some fun!   For children too young to yet understand the whole bracket thing or for those adults simply not interested, why not check out the various mascots that represent the four teams now competing.   Do you believe in the awesome power of avian creatures, or do you find yourself drawn to fierce cats?   And which of the team colors to you correlate with victory,  scarlet-and-grey or crimson-and-blue?  

Get oogly involved in the game this weekend – we’d love to see whatever team-winning spirit oogly chooses to favor.   A bird or a cat donned in your favorite colors.   Show us your pick – you just might be the winner!  

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