Monday, November 28, 2011

Making an oogly elf

Add holiday cheer to your oogly this year.  We’re looking for the most creative, funny and fabulous oogly elves to add to our holiday crew. Here are directions to make your oogly elf.
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Clay (any non-hardening modeling or sculpting clay will work)
Hair-raiser (garlic press or strainer will work)

1. Make an oogly following the basic steps. If you haven’t made an oogly before, watch our short video for directions. Then follow the rest of these directions to “elf” your oogly.
2. To “elf” your oogly, start with elf ears. Roll two small balls and flatten then into pointy ears and attach to each side of your oogly’s head.

3. Another important elf feature is pointy boots so when you make the legs of your oogly, be sure to turn the feet up and press the toes into points. 
4. Your oogly elf needs the right outfit to show off its holiday cheer. Add festive trim at the ankles and wrists of your oogly by rolling small coils of clay. Flatten them and use your pencil to press detail into each piece. Wrap one piece of trim around each leg and arm of your oogly elf and blend the clay together for a seamless outfit.

5. The finishing touch for your oogly is an elf hat. Roll out a flat piece of clay and form it into a cone that will fit on your oogly elf’s head. Add trim just like you did for the arms and legs of your oogly elf’s outfit.
We added some enhancers to our oogly like beads and pipe cleaners for color. You can use sequins, feathers, beads and jewels to dress up your oogly elf. 
Send us a photo and we'll add it to our website,

Please send photos of your oogly elf to and keep an eye out for oogly elves spreading holiday cheer on our blog and Facebook all season long.


  1. I love your elf, what a great idea, good tutorial, thanks

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! This is one of our favorite holiday projects.

  3. OK, so I just showed Abe the pictures of the elf, we carefully went through the steps and he pronounced, "OK, I'm going to go make a snowman." He's now happily rolling balls....

  4. Classic! You've got to go where the creative spirit moves you.