Thursday, January 5, 2012

This oogly's A Little Square

Looking for a little variety in your oogly making? Why not experiment with a block instead of a bowl to start your oogly off a little differently? I decided to use squares as the theme for my oogly project today.
I started by making the pinch pot into a box instead of a bowl and it all flowed from there. Squares for eyes and one for my oogly’s nose.
I thought he needed a little flare to set him off so I blended in flattened coils of clay to each leg to out some swing in his step.
His fingers and toes are blocky too – I split the clay to make the fingers and I did the same on the feet to give the oogly toes. I added an extra piece of clay to the feet to make more substantial feet to keep my oogly grounded.
What other shapes make good ooglys? What have you tried?

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