Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Making a Snowflake from Clay

This simple project is inspired by Christmas ornaments I made for my family's Christmas tree almost 30 years ago. The snowflakes can be as simple or as complex as you like - no two are ever the same! It's an easy clay project for kids of all ages.
Porcelain or white stoneware clay
Thin tool for cutting the clay
Pod, brush or other special item for making texture in the clay

1. Start by cutting three-inch squares or circles from construction paper.
2. Fold your paper into fourths and cut out your design with small scissors. You can use pinking shears for an interesting edge or a paper punch for small circles. Don’t make the design to intricate because it is difficult to cut fine designs out of clay.
 3. When you are done with your paper snowflake, open it and lay it on a flattened piece of clay about 1/8th of an inch thick.
4. Cut around the design with a small blade or the pointed end of a bamboo skewer or toothpick. For small circles, use a stick with a round end. Press it hard and it will cut out the circle completely.
5. After you finish cutting out the design, you may want to clean up the underside a little to make the edges of your snowflake design nice and crisp.
You can add texture if you like or add glitter and sequins after your snowflake is fired.

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