Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Tree Made of Clay

Ready to deck the halls? Here’s a fun clay project that kids of all ages can create. You can trim your tree with whatever you have on hand – beads, pom-poms, sequins – anything bright and merry.

Clay – any non-hardening modeling clay will work
Festive tree trimmings – small pompoms, beads, sequins, and buttons would all work

1. Using a baseball-sized ball of clay, roll several small balls about the size of a small marble.
2. Taper the ends of each ball so they are shaped like small carrots and turn up the ends of each one.
3. Begin building your Christmas tree by placing six or seven balls in a circle that will be the base of the tree.
4. Add at least two more rings. Each layer should be smaller than the previous one to create the pyramidal shape of the tree.
5. Place the final ball at the top of the tree to create the top.
6. Trim your tree with whatever festive materials you have on hand. We used small pompoms and a metal star to make our Christmas tree merry.

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