Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Box Turtle That's Really a Box

This fun turtle project has a hiding place right under it's shell. Try this easy clay project for kids who like boxes, turtles or any special, secret hiding place.

Clay (stoneware, terracotta or a non-hardening modeling clay will work)
*Slip (slurry made from old, dry clay and water to use as paste with stoneware or terracotta)
Peach seed for texture – gather peach seeds now while peaches are still in season!

1. Divide a baseball-sized piece of clay into two parts.
2. Using one of the balls, make a shallow pinch pot for the body of your turtle.
3. Using the other ball of clay, pinch off pieces of clay for four legs. Each one should be slightly larger than a marble. Roll them into stubby one-inch coils. Apply texture to your turtle’s legs using the peach seed.
4. Attach one leg to each side of your turtle’s body – two front and two back legs.*
5.  Roll another small coil for the head and a smaller one for a tail and attach each to the body.*
6. Give your turtle eyes and a mouth using little pieces of clay or by drawing them on with a pencil. 
7. Use the remaining clay to make the shell of the turtle by making a pancake large enough to cover the pinch pot.  You can make some designs on it with your peach seed like I did and you can flair the edges of your turtle’s shell if you like.

If you are firing the turtle you can let the shell lay on the body.  Without glaze, it won’t to attach itself to the body when it is fired. But if you glaze the pieces, be sure they are not touching when they are fired.

*If you are working with stoneware or terracotta, you will need to use the slip as glue to attach the clay legs to your turtle. Using the pencil, make scratch marks on both surfaces you will be joining. Apply the slip to the piece of clay you are adding and press the piece into place.

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