Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art Therapy, Kids and oogly

Oogly and the process of making an oogly has been a great tool for art therapists for many years. As I have worked with kids in hospitals, counseling workshops or in my studio, I have found that often kids respond to clay as a method of expression of their feelings, hopes and fears. 
I think kids find artistic forms of expression easy to master because they are still in touch with their creativity as described in the article from Creativity Queen, Why Children Use Art Naturally in Child Therapy.
I was very impressed to read this article on OregonLive.com about Lydia, a girl scout in Oregon who is earning her Gold Award, the highest Girl Scout honor, by educating her community about art therapy and providing workshops for grieving children to explore art therapy together. She was exposed to art therapy when she was dealing with the deaths of a friend and her brother and can speak to how art helped her heal.
I have seen the same results working with children who are dealing with grief or difficult family situations. Making an oogly becomes a process to explore their feelings and many times, becomes a way to articulate those emotions. In fact, many counselors use the oogly Kit and the oogly Feeling Cards as an art therapy method with children in their practice. Since no one knows what an oogly is, kids can feel safe and successful in whatever they decide to express as they create their piece. Plus, it’s a fun activity that can be repeated over time to see how feelings evolve.
For more information on how to use oogly and the oogly kit in art therapy settings, check out our website.  Are you using oogly in your practice now? We’d love to hear from you!

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