Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Fun Summertime Games with Oogly

Do you have a family reunion or other summer trip with friends and family coming up? In addition to visiting and catching up with each other, our family enjoys playing games when we get together.  Here are three ideas for ways to play with the Oogly Kit together with adults or kids. So pack your oogly kits when you’re getting the car ready to head down the highway.
Oogly loves to go on trips to the beach, the lake or the mountains.
1.       Pass the oogly – In this game, you make an oogly together. Let one person start by making the body and then each person adds features as the oogly is passed to them. The result is usually a hysterical creation that has everyone laughing together at the result.
Halfway there - who's next?
2.       Hurry-up Ooglys – Usually making an oogly can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 minutes depending on the detail and the experience of the oogly maker. You can add an element of excitement by setting a kitchen timer for a period of time that will challenge the people in your group. Let everyone race the clock to see what sort of oogly they can create within the time limit. It can push the boundaries of creativity for everyone when they have to go with the flow to get their oogly done in a flash.
Hurry-up ooglys can be funny and fabulous!
3.        A night at the movies – If your family enjoys movies, have everyone try to create a famous movie character oogly. Then, the group can try to guess the movie and the character. Props can help with this one so don’t be afraid to add an umbrella, a pet or something typical of the character to your oogly to help the group figure it out.
May the force be with you and your oogly...
Remember, keep it fun and creative.  Tailor the game to the age group or have adults and kids partner up if the younger ones need some help. It’s a great way to share time together exploring art and enjoying your time together.

Let us know if you have other games you enjoy playing with oogly. We’d love to hear about them!

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