Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forest "Diorama" from Artful Parent

Here’s an idea that is simply irresistible. Building a diorama forest with natural elements you can find in the yard, your garden or on a nature walk.
Photo from Artful Parent - June 15, 2011 - Forest Diorama
A few things I really like about this project from the Artful Parent:

1.      It’s a “diorama” but the boundaries are much more than a box. Granted, in this case, it was the kitchen table but you could try this on a patio, a kid’s play table or a card table.
2.      The “trees” can be anything – sticks from a tree, branches from a plant or sprigs of flowers. Using clay as the base means you can get any wonderful shape you find in nature to stand up and be a tree.
3.      The mixed media of three dimensional building of the forest along with drawing and cut-outs for the animals and bugs in the garden and fabric for a stream running through it. Add the plastic action figures and you’ve got a really “collage” of materials and techniques working together to create a magical landscape.

I’m looking forward to trying this project with some of the students at my classes this summer. Now I just have to clear a flat surface…

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