Monday, May 16, 2011

Helen Davis School Ooglys

Last week I spent a long but rewarding day spent with students at Helen Davis School in St. Joseph, MO. Helen Davis School is part of the Missouri Schools for Severely Disabled and we shared oogly with about 50 kids across the age spectrum. 

My what big ears your oogly has.
The kids were encouraged by teachers, teacher's assistants and community volunteers and they made some great ooglys. Just like the ooglys at Center Middle School this week, no two were alike.

The pride shows when kids make ooglys.
I really admire the staff at Helen Davis for their efforts to ensure kids with disabilities get to play and explore art. They recognize the creative side of the students they educate and they don’t put limitations on them just because they have disabilities.

It's nice to have encouragement.
One of the most interesting things from the day was how surprised the kids were when we starting pressing the clay to make hair.

Using the "hair raiser" to make plenty of hair for his oogly.
They were so eager to do it themselves after I demonstrated for them. The older kids especially got the hang of it and I enjoyed seeing how engaged they were in their ooglys.

Quite an accomplishment!
Be thankful for your kids and accept no excuses when it comes to offering arts programming in your schools. If Helen Davis School can do it, any school can!

Vounteers are a big help at Helen Davis School

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