Monday, April 18, 2011

The Eyes Have It!

So how many eyes does an oogly have?

Ooglys can have one eye or three eyes - whatever you choose
No one knows since everyone’s oogly is different and you can make an oogly however you want.

I’ve noticed that lots of kids like to add extra eyes,

Three eyes - all the better to see you with...
put eyes where you wouldn’t expect them,

Eyes on the top of my head!
Or leave the eyes off all together.
With a nose this big, who needs eyes?
Some kids like to have really big eyes on their oogly like they are watching out for everything.

Big eyes and big teeth
Some kids even like to add eyelashes to dress them up.

A couple of  extra heads can accommodate extra eyes
It’s not unusual to find ooglys wearing glasses – even their sunglasses.

Some ooglys wear glasses
Just like everything else, when you make an oogly – the only limits are your imagination!

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